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Anthony.. 20.. Yeezus

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{ just another autumn day }
Crazy how you gotta wait until it’s dark out to see who’s really with yah’.
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I love this picture that goes with it
Like he’s got his fists raised

Both the male and female Pacific Octopus experiences senescence after mating.  The males wander the ocean aimless and starve to death or are hunted by predators as they float aimlessly and the females die almost immediately after the eggs hatch due to starvation.

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I want you. I want to throw you against a wall, wrap your legs around my waist and kiss you. Kiss you until we have to stop to catch our breaths. I want you and only you. I want to take you on road trips that lead us to pulling over on the side of the road because we can’t keep our hands off each other. I want you and your flaws. I want your messy makeup from teary eyes as I hold you and talk to you about life. I want the 3am phone calls because you can’t sleep at night. I want to be yours and only yours. I want to taste all your cooking, even if it’s not good, even if it’s experimenting I’d have you cook every meal for the rest of my life. I want you. I want my trembling hands to grab your waist and dance with you in the middle of an empty room. I want to struggle on days when I can’t see you. I want to fight about meaningless stuff that will lead to meaningful sex. I want you. I want your hand to rest on my forearm as we enter a party, so I can reassure you that you are safe with me. I want to sing to you in the shower and have you shut me up with kisses because we both know I’m no singer. I want the ups and downs, the winter and summer days. I want you and only you…

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bruh my phone is always in my damn hand if u think im ignoring you i am

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i love him.

was not expecting this to get more than 10 notes tbh omg

Her blanket

can we talk about how this person is not at all surprised…which probably means he does this often….ok where can i buy a boyfriend like this?
I want to marry you and annoy you for the rest of your life.
- this is to whoever this ends up being. (via cramblings)

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Before you cheat on your girl.. just think how good she is too you & how good the sex is. The way she throws it back and tells you she loves you, the she screams your name when you hit that spot, how wet her shit get, how loyal she is to you, how beautiful she is.. her smile, her hugs, her corny jokes, the way she teases you, her annoying ass texts & crazy phone calls with her unconditional love… Now imagine another nigga having all that.

I’ll be daaaaamned

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